30 June 2011

Its ETSY time!!

Yesterday I started an etsy, I'm so excited! I love making things with fondant and decided that if I'm going to be doing it I might as well be selling them. Hopefully some of my things will sell. I'm not expecting to get rich off of it but treating the kids to a Happy Meal would be nice. I already have a couple things posted and if you or anyone you know needs something custom please let me know via comment or email! I could use the business.

So being so excited about my new business adventure yesterday. I made some really cute bride and groom duckies. I think that are pretty darn cute (but again I'm slightly biased lol).
Here they are! The cute couple is sitting atop the bottom of wine glasses. 

And here is their profile. They were super fun to make and accessorize! And they are completely edible. These little beauties will be up on Etsy today!
Happy crafting and happy almost Friday!

28 June 2011

Semi-Gluten free cupcakes

This past week has been absolutely nuts! But all of it was a great time. Saturday I was invited to a Lia Sophia jewelry party. Everything was beautiful, but on a super limited budget I didn't get anything. Still the little get together of girls was nice. I don't often get kid-free girl time. So I thought what would be better than some super girlie cupcakes! I had completely run out of regular white flour so these were made with rice flour. The cupcakes themselves are gluten free, but everything else is not. Usually when I try to make gluten free sweets they end up a little grainy or gritty. These were surprisingly moist and smooth. The frosting was a traditional buttercream, my fav! And a few of the cupcakes had cute little white fondant discs that were stenciled with pink frosting in zebra print. I personally love the taste of fondant. But since there are people like my husband that really don't like fondant I decided to cater to them as well, geez people its tasty lol! This is what I came up with.
I think they are pretty darn cute. But that's just me. And those who tasted thought they were good too. They even fooled my husband who is very anti-GF if there even is a thing lol. He just really dislikes the grit. And the funny part is I was so worried what the hubsie thought of the cupcakes and he only had one! Anyway Happy crafting! Check back tomorrow...fun things in store!

24 June 2011

Matching pillowcase dresses

My daughter Izzy has a doll that she is so in love with. So today I made her and the doll matching dresses. Since we are on a very limited budget like many are right now, I decided to make it with only things I already had. Turns out my craft hoard is larger than I thought! I was going to post step-by-step directions but got so caught up in the moment I forgot lol. So the directions are to follow in the next couple days.

Here is her dress (5T ish) and her doll (super preemie).

This is a closer pic to give you a better view of the color. It also has a little sparkly gold outline on the butterflies and dragonflies. Happy crafting!

23 June 2011

First attempt at making tees for the kiddos

Recently I have been in love with the idea of clothing my kids in cute one of a kind prints and styles. Not that the tee that I "made" today was the most awesome thing ever. But that being said I am really over the typical clothes in the same old cartoon prints. Where's the fun in that?I have one of a kind kids why not have one of a kind clothes! And I have always said that a gift from the heart is usually a homemade one. So why wouldn't I want to wrap my kids in love?! Anyway on to the directions...

The supplies I used were:
Stampin' Up! Classic Stampin' Pad in Basic Black
Really cute set of Stampin' Up! stamps
My trusty iron
White T-shirt, prewashed but that wasn't intentional really
DIY mini ironing board (instructions to follow at some point)

I stamped the images on the shirt, just like you would stamp on paper. Paying extra attention to make sure there wasn't any extra ink on the stamp to leave unwanted marks on the shirt. Once its on there its on there for good.

After all the critters were stamped on I ironed it for about 2 minutes. I didn't really leave the iron on it just sitting there for 2 minutes like in the above pic. But I only have two hands, like many of you lol, and I needed both to take the pic.

This is the finished product. Not to shabby! It was intended for one of my boys.. looks like I'll need to make another one :D

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to below!

22 June 2011


We love to make tutu's in this house, and considering our cat Chowder claims them as his own its probably a good thing. They are super easy to make and really don't take up much time. I think actual start to finish time was like 20 minutes. This was not including interruptions from little ones :) otherwise it took me over a hour. Anyway below are some pics and directions. Realistically you'll only need to read them once and then have the hang of it.

Measure out your elastic around the waste of tutu recipient, without stretching it. And then I usually take off 1/2 an inch. You can hand or machine sew the ends together and overlap them just a little. I chose to hand sew this one.

And the next step might just be the second most fun part of this whole project, picking your tulle! Today little Miss Izzy picked light pink and red!

I am awful at measurements so for this I took the length of how long I wanted it to fall on her leg and doubled it in length. Next put the elastic on you leg, see pic below. When your making them for a very small waisted kid this can be a little unpleasant lol. So you will want to fold the tulle in half lengthwise. Pull the tulle under the elastic so the loop is on one side (on the knee side) and the cut ends are on the other . Pull the looped end toward you and then the cut ends through the loop. It should look like the pic below.
When pulled tight it will look like this. Continue making these knots all the way around the elastic. The closer the knots are next to each other the fuller the tutu will be.
This is what it should look like when complete. Now for the really fun part!
She looks so cute! And she's really excited to show her little girlfriends tomorrow on her play dates. Yes, plural, my little social butteryfly! Happy tutu making! Let me know if you have any questions! Its super simple though, Izzy wants to have a tutu making party soon. I'll be sure to put some pics up of that.

21 June 2011

Welcome !

This blog is intended to be fun, sweet, informative and LOL all the time. Fun recipes for kids and adults, cupcake and cake ideas, crafts out the wazoo, blog candy, and a mess of other useful things. Come join me on the journey!