28 June 2011

Semi-Gluten free cupcakes

This past week has been absolutely nuts! But all of it was a great time. Saturday I was invited to a Lia Sophia jewelry party. Everything was beautiful, but on a super limited budget I didn't get anything. Still the little get together of girls was nice. I don't often get kid-free girl time. So I thought what would be better than some super girlie cupcakes! I had completely run out of regular white flour so these were made with rice flour. The cupcakes themselves are gluten free, but everything else is not. Usually when I try to make gluten free sweets they end up a little grainy or gritty. These were surprisingly moist and smooth. The frosting was a traditional buttercream, my fav! And a few of the cupcakes had cute little white fondant discs that were stenciled with pink frosting in zebra print. I personally love the taste of fondant. But since there are people like my husband that really don't like fondant I decided to cater to them as well, geez people its tasty lol! This is what I came up with.
I think they are pretty darn cute. But that's just me. And those who tasted thought they were good too. They even fooled my husband who is very anti-GF if there even is a thing lol. He just really dislikes the grit. And the funny part is I was so worried what the hubsie thought of the cupcakes and he only had one! Anyway Happy crafting! Check back tomorrow...fun things in store!

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