22 June 2011


We love to make tutu's in this house, and considering our cat Chowder claims them as his own its probably a good thing. They are super easy to make and really don't take up much time. I think actual start to finish time was like 20 minutes. This was not including interruptions from little ones :) otherwise it took me over a hour. Anyway below are some pics and directions. Realistically you'll only need to read them once and then have the hang of it.

Measure out your elastic around the waste of tutu recipient, without stretching it. And then I usually take off 1/2 an inch. You can hand or machine sew the ends together and overlap them just a little. I chose to hand sew this one.

And the next step might just be the second most fun part of this whole project, picking your tulle! Today little Miss Izzy picked light pink and red!

I am awful at measurements so for this I took the length of how long I wanted it to fall on her leg and doubled it in length. Next put the elastic on you leg, see pic below. When your making them for a very small waisted kid this can be a little unpleasant lol. So you will want to fold the tulle in half lengthwise. Pull the tulle under the elastic so the loop is on one side (on the knee side) and the cut ends are on the other . Pull the looped end toward you and then the cut ends through the loop. It should look like the pic below.
When pulled tight it will look like this. Continue making these knots all the way around the elastic. The closer the knots are next to each other the fuller the tutu will be.
This is what it should look like when complete. Now for the really fun part!
She looks so cute! And she's really excited to show her little girlfriends tomorrow on her play dates. Yes, plural, my little social butteryfly! Happy tutu making! Let me know if you have any questions! Its super simple though, Izzy wants to have a tutu making party soon. I'll be sure to put some pics up of that.


mudmaven said...

So cute!!!!!!! luv, grandma

Heather Jewell said...

Aww i love the tutu and isabella looks precious :)