23 June 2011

First attempt at making tees for the kiddos

Recently I have been in love with the idea of clothing my kids in cute one of a kind prints and styles. Not that the tee that I "made" today was the most awesome thing ever. But that being said I am really over the typical clothes in the same old cartoon prints. Where's the fun in that?I have one of a kind kids why not have one of a kind clothes! And I have always said that a gift from the heart is usually a homemade one. So why wouldn't I want to wrap my kids in love?! Anyway on to the directions...

The supplies I used were:
Stampin' Up! Classic Stampin' Pad in Basic Black
Really cute set of Stampin' Up! stamps
My trusty iron
White T-shirt, prewashed but that wasn't intentional really
DIY mini ironing board (instructions to follow at some point)

I stamped the images on the shirt, just like you would stamp on paper. Paying extra attention to make sure there wasn't any extra ink on the stamp to leave unwanted marks on the shirt. Once its on there its on there for good.

After all the critters were stamped on I ironed it for about 2 minutes. I didn't really leave the iron on it just sitting there for 2 minutes like in the above pic. But I only have two hands, like many of you lol, and I needed both to take the pic.

This is the finished product. Not to shabby! It was intended for one of my boys.. looks like I'll need to make another one :D

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to below!


mudmaven said...

So cute Autumn!!! If you need other colors of ink pads, just come by and you can use the ink and any of the couple sets of stamps I have - lol!!!! I wonder how coloring with markers and heat setting would work? I have SU markers and Copics - we could experiment! ~chris

Revelry Cupcakes said...

That would be awesome! I was thinking about something floral for myself...wonder who has any floral stamps!?