30 June 2011

Its ETSY time!!

Yesterday I started an etsy, I'm so excited! I love making things with fondant and decided that if I'm going to be doing it I might as well be selling them. Hopefully some of my things will sell. I'm not expecting to get rich off of it but treating the kids to a Happy Meal would be nice. I already have a couple things posted and if you or anyone you know needs something custom please let me know via comment or email! I could use the business.

So being so excited about my new business adventure yesterday. I made some really cute bride and groom duckies. I think that are pretty darn cute (but again I'm slightly biased lol).
Here they are! The cute couple is sitting atop the bottom of wine glasses. 

And here is their profile. They were super fun to make and accessorize! And they are completely edible. These little beauties will be up on Etsy today!
Happy crafting and happy almost Friday!

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