14 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 14!! Washable coloring tote!

Welcome to Day 14, notice any changes? Yes, the text should be much easier to read from now on! Today, I enlisted my three little helpers with this challenge. It all started with an idea that I got from my daughter's project at school of decorating a cardboard box and putting a donate toy in it for charity. It seems like a really sweet idea and we have plenty to give so we may end up making some of our own boxes here. Well that spawned a whole series of ideas that eventually led to this project. Bear with me its all going to make sense by the end of the month trust me.
Anyways, here's today's project toy totes. They are simple to make. I just love this flat bottom bag and bin pattern. This is made with white canvas that is stiff enough that it can stand up on its own. And hopefully will continue to do so after a couple of washings. I choose white canvas because I thought it would be really fun for the kids to have something that they could color over and over again. Washable coloring toy totes who knew! So I cut the canvas to the size that I wanted and let the kids stamp them with some fun kid friendly stamps. They had butterflies, bumble bees, sea creatures, kittens and puppies. Note these aren't very big for a reason, my kids are pretty small so they needed to be easily handle able. I might add handles to them at some point, maybe.

This is my little Missy stamping her canvas:
After stamping the fabric take it to the iron and press it. I like to do it from the back with the image face down and then face up. This will ensure that the image will stay for quite a few washings. Also using a quality stamp pad will help. 
Sew up the sides of the tote, and then the corners. I initially wasn't going to finish the top edge but got into the sewing moment and did it anyway. 
These are the finished totes. Its pretty funny that they are so different.
This is little Missy's with her "Sharks need love too" theme. 
The Moo HAS to over do it...and has a love for puppies and kitties. 
And the Jules who is a minimalist and didn't even want to do the project but managed through it for me. 
The really fun part of these will be watching them color them over and over again.
Or will it be me creating more laundry for myself!
Happy crafting and good night!

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mudmaven said...

totally too cute!!!!! you are a genius.