07 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day Seven, Grocery Bag

Welcome to Day Seven! Yes this is the same pillowcase from yesterday, today it will become a grocery bag. Today I actually have step by step directions! I am awful at measuring things I just end up cutting at will.
So this is what was left from the skirt:
Snip squares out of the bottom corners.
Save the corners they will end up being the handles.
Sew the bottom of the pillowcase closed. Don't forget to turn it inside out before you sew it though.
Next sew the corners closed.
Take the corner squares that we cut our earlier unfold them and iron. Then fold the edges over and iron again.
Then fold them over again and iron again. 
Sew the edges like so.
Now take the bag turn inside out and fold over the top edge twice. This is where the handles will be attached.
Put the handle ends under the fold and pin.
I sewed a stitch around the bag closest to the edge and then again at the bottom of the fold.
This will give the handles a little bit more stability.

And this is what it looks like complete. For reference this bag is large and can hold two jumbo packs of size 4 diapers and two rolls of paper towels. 
And this is what it looks like with one very fat cat named Chowder in it!

Have a wonderful night!

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mudmaven said...

Love this bag - especially with Chowder in it! How did that go over with him? If you bring the laptop over I will show you how to do that email thing we talked about on Sunday. ~chris