11 September 2011

Super Easy Maraschino Cherry Cupcakes with Nutella Whipped Topping!

Today has been a very productive day in my house! Since waking up I have made my kids breakfast out of a box, made from scratch eggplant Parmesan, started my base for plum gelato, and made the tasty cupcakes that are the whole point of this entry. The hours in the kitchen have just flown by too!  And surprising just the same is that my kids have behaved nearly the whole time, kudos kiddos! 

Its always great for the soul to make a from scratch cake or cupcakes, but there isn't always time nor is it always necessary to make from scratch. I could have made my kids breakfast from scratch this morning but really? If I know what they like and know my abilities are less than that why bother setting myself up for failure. Happy mom = happy kids = happy mom. Besides Lucky Charms cereal a couple times a month never killed anyone. Right?

So the cupcake recipe is: one jar of maraschino cherries, one white boxed cake mix, oil and eggs in quantities listed on cake mix box, heavy whipping cream and Nutella. This is a very simple recipe. Follow the directions for making the cake mix on the box omitting the water called for in the mix. Substituting the water for the liquid in the maraschino cherries jar, I believe my mix called for one cup. Then chop 3/4 of a cup of cherries. After you have mixed the cake mix add the cherries and mix well. Then fill the lined cupcake pan, filling each cavity 2/3 full. Bake for 22 minutes, then cool on rack for a few minutes before turning out. 
The little gems in the oven at the start of baking. I am not a spokes person for Williams-Sonoma but I have to say that these cupcake pans are the very best. I have killed a few baking pans in my short stint of baking an these are by far the best ones. Whether I line them with paper cupcake liners, silicone or bake directly in the pan I have never had an issue. In case you are wondering these are called Williams-Sonoma GoldTouch Nonstick muffin pans and retail for about $30 each. And let me tell you they are well worth the investment! And if your getting those you might as well spring for the GoldTouch Nonstick cooling racks as well!

Any ways back to the recipe. After these babies have cooled you can start making the topping. The cupcake recipe will make 24 standard size cupcakes, but unless all of them are going to be eaten within about an hour of being frosted don't bother. The whipped topping will not keep or stand up to any kind of heat. I frost five at a time because I am sure that all five will get eaten immediately. And the topping is so easy to make you can do it on an as needed basis. 

To frost five I used 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of Nutella spread. These directions are for a stand mixer I'm not sure what it would be for a hand mixer but I imagine not to much different. Put both ingredients in the bowl and mix at medium-high speed for about 4 minutes. Be careful not to over mix or it will go from perfectly fluffy to a grainy mess in no time flat. Decorate as desired and enjoy! 

My finished cherry cupcakes with Nutella whipped topping:
And the inside is the best treat with chunks of cherries!
See you back here later with my sewing challenge entry!

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