06 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day Six , Skirt

Welcome to Day Six of the challenge! What does a pillowcase and scrap fabric have in common? They make a really cute skirt that's what! Here is the before of the pillowcase and scrap:
I think I'm going to use the floral part of the pillowcase to make a grocery bag tomorrow. The only part of the pillowcase that I used was the decorative blue stripped edge. 
After I cut off the edge and snipped the seam open so it would lay flat I pinned it to my scrap blue fabric. 
Then I sewed it together.
Next I made a casing for the elastic waist. Part of me really wanted to make it a fitted zipper waist but I think I'll wait till later on in the month lol.
Then feed the elastic into the casing.
(Which is always my least favorite part)
This skirt only had one seam on the side, making it easy for novices like myself. So after that it was trying it on. It doesn't look all that great with my jammie top but I promise I will take a better pic tomorrow!

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