04 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 4, Apron

   Welcome to the real Day Four of the challenge! Apparently yesterday I was getting a little ahead of myself thinking that it was already Day Four. So here we go bring on the day. Today or rather tonight I made a simple apron. I happen to be rather obsessed with aprons so thought why not make another! This one was super simple to make and I have to say that I will probably be making more as gifts. This apron started out as a sheet for a size bed that we no longer have. The blue "sash" was the decorative top of the sheet and the rest was the body of the flat sheet. After measuring to make sure that my waist was the same size as the width of the sheet I cut the top off and trimmed the edges. Then I measured to find the length I wanted the apron to be, taking into account the extra inches from the sash. When measuring out on the sheet make sure to double the length that you want it to be so you can fold it in half and have double the thickness of the sheet. This comes in handy when you are using old sheets. I also used this as an even easier way to make the apron. There are only three stitched sides. I sewed up the sides, right sides together, turned it right side out and attached the  raw edge to the sash. See told you it was really simple. Happy Crafting! And see you back here tomorrow for Sew much more fun!

I think that aprons that have a long enough sash to double around the waist really accentuate it. Its a really great focal point on the body.

And a side view of it.

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