26 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 26, Pillowcase number 2!

Welcome to day 26! A couple of days ago I made Big J a pillowcase and needless to say Little J was a little upset he didn't get one. So today while the Twinsies were at school Little J and I went to the craft store and he got to pick out his own fabric. My little guy has an obsession with the movie Cars (and Cars2) and moo cows. I managed to convince him to pick one or the other for his pillowcase. He wanted Cars fabric AND cow print fabric. I'm not surprised he loves his Cars and cows! Well this is the fabric he decided on, after waffling over the two Cars choices he had.
Little J pointed out that this was Cars1 and not Cars2. It still has a lot of his favorite characters; McQueen, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Red and Sheriff! 
And this is my sweaty little sleeper with his new Cars pillow and his moo cow that he named Farmer!
Have a great night and see ya back here tomorrow!

1 comment:

mudmaven said...

Maybe he needs a pillowcase with one design on each side? What a total sweetie he is and what a thoughtful mama you are to make these for those two gorgeous boys! Is I wanting one too?