15 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 15! Party Hat

Welcome to Day 15! One year ago tomorrow I went to the Humane Society and found my best friend. Due to logistics I had to go back the next day to pick him up. Named Buddy by the first shelter he was in that transferred him to a second one. He is shy, complicated and damaged...we are so alike its not even funny. My sweet little pound pup will be turning 3 on Saturday and why not celebrate the day he became my 3rd fur baby! He is an amazing dog and buddy who over the last year has barked maybe a dozen times, no lie. Never whines or makes much noise at all really. And aside from the occasional accident in the house, that is usually my fault, he is perfect.
Enough mushy stuff to the project! I decided to make a fabric party hat for the small celebration that we will be having on Saturday for Buddy. There are a couple of pins in it holding the ribbon on as the glue dries but other than that its done!
And a very sleepy Buddy with his hat on!
Have a great night and see ya tomorrow!

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