02 September 2011

National Sewing Month Day Two, Laptop clutch!

Welcome to Day Two of the 30 day challenge! Today I made a laptop clutch. I have a fairly small net book and have yet to find anything that is really my style to protect it. At any given moment my little net book is covered in corn starch and confectioners sugar or dirty little finger prints. So why not help protect it when I'm out and about with something so me! I went to my local big box craft store and found some rather cute fabric and a really pretty button. Having never actually purchased a button before, I know sounds silly reading it myself, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety. Who knew! Well apparently lots of people but hey its news to me people. I had my heart dead set on step by step directions but I got so excited making this that I forgot to keep taking pics so this is what you get! Starting this I really wanted something that looked like a clutch and less like a bulky laptop sleeve. I can just tuck it under my arm and go. Plus the whole reason I wanted this particular net book was it was small and easy to take everywhere, why not accentuate its smallness.
This is what it looks like open, it is fully lined and has a nice folded edge. I really wanted everyone to see the pretty fabric lol.

And this is it closed using the button. It looks just like a clutch purse, which was exactly what I was going for. Hope your all having a wonderful National Sewing Month and join me on the challenge!

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mudmaven said...

Too cool! We need to chat - I have some fabric and I could really use one of these! ~chris