27 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 27, Little bag

Welcome to Day 27! These bags are super easy to make and very cute! I like to make these for gifts and in place of gift bags. As of late I have really tried hard to make gifts and gift packaging as green as possible. What's better than giving a little girl who's turning one a hand sewn felt sack lunch set and the bonus being her mom gets a nifty little tote! My new gift philosophy  is anyone can walk into a store and buy something, but it takes heart and thoughtfulness to make a personalized gift. Usually I make these bags reversible, this one however is not. It is lined with the polka dot fabric, but I wouldn't consider it reversible since the handles are just ribbons with print on one side. So if the bag is turned inside out the ribbon handles would look just plain white, and I'm not really all about the plain.
And the little the finished bag.
Yes this is the same fabric I used for the sewing machine cover! I love getting the absolute most out of one yard of fabric, and I still have MORE!
Have a great night!

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