19 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 18 and Day 19!

Welcome to a combined day! Yesterday really go away from me and I woke up this morning realizing I forgot to post yesterday. Oops! So today will be day 18 and 19, hope you don't mind.
For day 18 I made my daughter (another) apron, I told you I have a thing for aprons. This is her third one made by moi. If I'm not careful she's going to have more! This fabric is so stinking cute too.
My pretty girl!
And the cute little tie.

And for Day 19 I made a sunglasses holder that matches my buttercup bag that I made a couple months ago. 
I just love this fabric, I've said before that it reminds me of a Stampin' Up! stamp set. Since I have a very nice pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love I try to take care of them. And even though I typically wear them on my eyes or on top of my head I really don't worry about the "pit" growing inside my purse. But the beautiful sunny weather is slowly fading and I won't be using them as much. And instead of my glasses acting as a headband I'll be wearing a snow hat. So I thought that I why not make a cute little holder for them with super soft fabric on the inside! I made the loop on the holder large enough that it will fit over the arm on my cup holder in the van. Very handy I tell ya! But I think that I will still tote them in my purse since its all matching now lol!
Cute little holder.
And with my favorite (and only) glasses.
And the inside view of the super soft fabric. 

While typing this I realized that I used the exact same fabric combination, again scraps, for my ring holder. I just love using something that i could have thrown away for something cute!  Hope you all have a great night and see ya tomorrow! 

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