11 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day Eleven, Wallet

Welcome to Day Eleven!! Today I made a simple wallet, so simple it took me longer to figure out which color thread to use than the project itself. I have been carrying around this big pink leopard print wallet for about a year now and I have to say that I think the change is for the better. This is the same fabric combination that I used for the laptop clutch, I might be kind of fond of it!
Just large enough for my drivers licence, a couple other cards and some cash!
And that's it!

I thought about putting a snap button closure on it to keep the flap down but decided it would probably be a pain to open one handed since I'm always holding a child. So I decided against it. I think it will be fine without it but I may end up using some adhesive backed Velcro at some point since I have a tendency to lose things.

And the little thing closed. I have more of this fabric so chances are you'll see it again during this month. And I promise that one of my projects will be making a new cover for my ironing board, its pretty hideous. 
Happy Crafting and have a wonderful night...I'm off to finish the plum gelato!

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