17 September 2011

National Sewing Month Challenge Day 17, Headband

Welcome to Day 17! Today has been a very crazy day. We drove up to Aspen and my little Buddy turned three! Seeing Maroon Bells in Aspen was so amazing, so pretty. The lake had the smallest rainbow trout I have ever seen, like five inches long. Colorado mountains are so beautiful. And for the most part everyone was well behaved, for the most part. As much as five year old twins and a two and a half year old can be in a car for three and a half hours anyway! After a long day celebrating Buddy's birthday and hanging in the mountains we came home with just enough time for me to make this headband and post it before midnight!

This is a two really cute fabric prints!  The headband is two "ribbons" of fabric sewn with the patterns of the fabric opposite with an elastic strip at the nape for some stretchiness. And I am proud to say that this entire headband elastic and all was made from scraps of other projects!! I love it when that happens! Here are two pics, one with the fabric one way and one with the other.
My sister Heather will enjoy this, I am not really a headband person as much as I would like to be. I sometimes start wearing one while doing housework but I have such long and heavy hair (past my waist) that it seems I always end up taking them off out of irritation. It's been a long day!
Happy crafting and have a good night!

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